New Story Idea?

So…I have a story idea, but I need opinions. It's actually an idea that I had a long time ago and wanted to write with my father and sister. We three had always been very close since it had only been the three of us. We talked about writing a book where we each of us would write our side of how we felt and what we experienced surrounding the same, specific topic that happened in our lives.

For example, my father has diabetes his whole life and then my sister later got it at 18, so one chapter would be about their thoughts, and I would write about how I took care of them.

But, the problem…the three of us are no longer close…at all…and we each live in different states, besides.

BUT BUT, I still want to write the book. I know the style of writing that both my father and sister have…at least I can mimic something close to it. I am thinking I should write the book anyway. The only difference may be about the topics. I don't know if I should write what I think they thought….I'm not sure.

Thoughts? Comments? Opinions?

The Simple Things

Darian looked over at her feet under the table. She had removed her sandals and had placed her bare feet on the smooth, laminate wooden floor. The curve of her feet from heel to toe had him secretly staring. He was watching her from under his eyelashes as she pressed her feet against the floor and shifted her toes back and forth. It was as if she was caressing the cool surface and enjoying the feeling against her skin. 

Darian couldn’t help himself as he watched, mesmerized by the small motion that made her even more beautiful to him. He glanced quickly at her face and could see the trace of a slight, pleased smile. Watching such a small movement that truly seemed to make her happy made his heart beat faster. His heart warmed at the pure joy she seemed to be feeling.

How could someone be so happy by such a simple piece of life?

As she looked over at him to ask a question, he buried his eyes back into the paperwork in front of him, hoping she hadn’t seen him staring.

#DigitalBookDay  went rather well!

#DigitalBookDay  went rather well!
(Thank you +Karen Woodward and +John Ward for sharing about it.)

I downloaded all of the Mystery, Sci-Fi/Fantasy and the Thrillers (mind you, I didn't look at all of the summaries, so I may or may not even read some of them, but a free book is a free book).

It took a good long while, and I have 81 books directly added to my Kindle…with another 42 .mobi and PDFs needing to be uploaded to my Kindle, 4 added to my Kobo account and 3 downloaded into iBooks….

That means I just got 130 Books for FREE!!!!!!
Good day…great day…amazing day.

So happy….
Did anyone else make out with some good books? 

Writer's Notebook

Notebooks Can Hold Your Whole Life

Writer's NotebookIt’s interesting what we use as the pieces to organize our lives. We use so many different organizers that it’s often to the point that we need to organize our organizers. One thing I do enjoy about organizing, besides doing the actual organizing, is having different modes of organizing for every aspect of our busy lives.

Women have their whole lives inside of purses while men carry their pieces of their lives in their wallets. We have spacers for trunks and hanging organizers for our closets. We have boxes for our pencils and containers for our food. Drawers for our clothes and bags for our…well, anything else really.

I think the one thing that some forget about as a way to organize is a notebook.

A notebook offers us many ways, customized ways and creative ways to keep our writings together. It starts out when we are in grade school. We have homework, dittos, charts, drawing. We have a notebook to hold it in. Sure they are probably more like folders, but as we get older, they switch to folders with different sections for writing. Then when you get even older, you can combine notebooks, folders and whatever else to keep your pieces organized.

But what about the notebook to organize your thoughts and creative ideas? This often starts as a diary, moves to a journey and then becomes a writer’s notebook. Or at least, mine did. The want to write often starts when you are younger, but it doesn’t always have to. All I know is having a notebook to give you the space, creativity and organization to add your thoughts and ideas can be, for some, almost like being able to organize your whole life.

Being a writer, I know how important it is for writers to have a special place or an organized space to be able to put a novel together or a story or even a giant series of them. I happen to have notebooks for each of my stories. One per. It helps me stay organized. I often feel that these notebooks hold my life in their many pages. Although not exactly true, they do carry my special thoughts and ideas that I hope to one day share. This makes them very important to me.

Other books make me feel that same way, but there is something about a notebook with my own words that makes it extra special. So, can notebooks hold your whole life?

I definitely think so.

Kuiper Belt

There Once Was a Fluff…

This photo was taken and sent to me with a text message saying “I miss you. Come home.” I was in the car in the next 2 minutes.

In honor of my little pup who has recently joined the family, I wrote a little poem. It’s small and cute like her so it works.

Kuiper Belt

There once was a fluff
Who loved me just enough
With her fur here and there
And just about everywhere

She runs through the house
Quiet as a mouse
She gnaws on her toys
As she brings us new joys

A high squeaky sound
When you’re up and she’s down
All she wants is to cuddle
My heart is a puddle

Always near my feet
At the door she stays to greet
My cutest little lap kitty
With her nose so itty-bitty

She sleeps in a ball
And in Greek she hears us call
Her feet never  touch the ground
As we carry her around

I love my Fluff Pup
She lifts me right up
My heart grows fonder
From the hither and the yonder

Oh, Kuiper my puppy
How  much I love thee


What my mind can imagine.


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